2023 Audacious Annual Expedition

An extraordinary opportunity!

Gain experience with wilderness travel, develop outdoor skills, and learn about yourself.

The Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota are a pristine snow outdoor territory with over 1 million acres of untouched wilderness, and one of North America’s most beautiful and remote places.

Explore this special area by dog sled and cross-country skis as part of the Recovery Beyond Expedition Team. You will learn the necessary skills to dog sled and cross-country ski, as well as care for the dogs, snow camp, pack, chop wood, cook, tie knots, and safety survival skills in cold temperatures. 

Recovery Beyond is committed to financial accessibility. The large majority of travel and expedition expenses are paid for, including airplane tickets, lodging, food, and most of the gear. 

How to Join

Are you ready to join? You must attend an interest meeting on June 8th or June 22nd. The process will continue with tryouts throughout the summer.

Tryouts include various training adventures, physical conditioning goals, and an interview process in the final rounds of selection. The Expedition Team will be announced on September 29th. 

Adventure Awaits

The 2023 Audacious Annual Expedition will introduce adventure skills, promote teamwork and leadership, and build character through challenging experiences in the outdoors.

This expedition provides an extraordinary opportunity for participants to have a deeper understanding of themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they interact with others as a team.

Only active Recovery Beyond Participants may apply and try out for the Expedition Team. Not a participant yet? Become on today.