8 Tips for Handling the Holidays

8 Tips for Handling the Holidays
Jess Villarreal

Holiday Stress? Here’s What To Do

Did you know 80% of people report that the holiday season is somewhat or very stressful? 

The holidays can be difficult, especially when you’re in recovery. 

Holidays tend to amplify feelings of grief and loss and it can be hard to feel happy, celebratory, or grateful.

Family gatherings, holiday parties, and less daylight can trigger anxiety, fatigue, irritability, feelings of loneliness, and abnormal sleeping habits.

8 Tips for Beating Holiday Stress:

  1. Check in with your support system
  2. Move your body
  3. Give yourself something to look forward to after the holiday season
  4. Consider creating new traditions
  5. Expect a range of emotions – that’s okay!
  6. Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings
  7. Prioritize your recovery
  8. Stick to a routine

We’re Here For You!

Remember, loneliness is a state of mind, not a state of being. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself as the year comes to a close.

 We’re here for you if you need extra support. 

Check out our Community Calendar, full of activities for moving your body and finding peer support.

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