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A New High (2015) – Documentary

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In the heart of downtown Seattle, a diverse group of men and women will come together to climb out of homelessness and drug addiction through an unorthodox recovery program that uses mountain climbing as a means of rehabilitation. After one year of intense physical and mental conditioning, the team will attempt to summit one of the most dangerous mountains in the country, Mt. Rainier.

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“This is an excellent film. It is inspiring. So encouraging! I highly recommend this film to any & everyone, whether your an addict or not. Everyone can relate to the actors in This film and their real life struggles. This film will make you laugh, cry & everything in between. It is truly an amazing piece of work.” Heidi Lynn Leitheiser, IMDB

“Most notable about the film is how it captures its subject’s stories with an amazing amount of artistry and clarity. As a group of former addicts finally ascend to the summit of Rainier amidst some sacrifice, another shot shows a row of climbers surrounded by darkness, illuminated by only the lanterns they are carrying. It is as chilling as it is striking, very symbolic to the story we’ve seen unfold from each individual.” EDUARDO VICTORY, Crome Yellow