Fitness & Training

Fitness & Training

Activity Description

To be in recovery means changing everything in life to accomplish long-lasting sobriety. To be healthy and whole, one place we start at Recovery Beyond is with general team-based fitness. We hold weekly fitness workouts, where we find that exercising, and positive goal setting with others changes the body, mind, and soul, as it creates new trusted bonds with yourself and others, building a pathway of support for a lifetime.

When: Weekly workouts, vary by location. See the schedule via the link below.

Where: Seattle & Tacoma, location varies




How to Sign-Up

To Participate:  If you are involved with one of our partner recovery programs (Tacoma Rescue Mission and Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission) then you are eligible to participate in the Climbing Out program. Please go to to enroll and select your activities (you can choose from Fitness, Hiking, Backpacking, or Mountaineering). Once we receive your completed application a member of our team will reach out with next steps and further details on the program.

To Volunteer:  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Recovery Beyond and help us administer our programs, you can learn more by visiting our volunteer page.

We encourage all that are a part of our program to participate in this daily routine, the “Daily Dozen”. It consists of a light workout/warm-up we use every day. You can do it anywhere, anytime; no equipment needed. Try it!

“I recommend you perform the Daily Dozen every day. You need no equipment, not even workout clothing – you can even do this work out in your pajamas. Each exercise takes 1 minute (45 seconds of movement followed by 15 seconds of rest), so the entire routine will take just 12 minutes a day. If you think about it, those 12 minutes each day add up to 18 hours in 90 days. That’s a huge amount of strengthening and fitness to gain by doing something in the time it takes to brew coffee in the morning.”

– Creator of “the Daily Dozen”, John Colver, former IMG Guide


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