Fundraising Climb

When you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s nothing to do but climb out.

Recovering from addiction means putting one foot in front of the other, day after day, on a climb that lasts a lifetime. Leaving homelessness and addictions of all kinds behind can be an equally tough task.

A friend to help you up the mountain can make all the difference.

You can be a part of the healing, growth, and recovery our 2019 Climbing Out of Homelessness participants experience, sign up today!


About the Climb

The Fundraising Climb will take eight donors on a four-day climb to the peak of Mt. Rainier May 16 – 19, 2019, where they’ll see the same struggles and success as our program participants.

Capped in snow and ice year-round, there is no such thing as an “easy” climb to the top—and if there was, it wouldn’t be worth doing. The eight donors who join us on this Fundraising Climb have a steep, stony, and slippery path ahead of them.

But the rewards are worth the effort.

Each donor on our Fundraising Climb is sponsoring two climbers in our 2019 addiction recovery program—your donations go directly support two individuals succeeding in a recovery program and ready to commit to a life-changing journey. Every participant receives ten months of physical and mental training that not only prepares them for a full ascent of Mt. Rainier but gives them the inner strength to tackle life’s other mountains, too.

No one reaches the summit without changing their perspective in the process.

The 2019 climbing team from the recovery program is just gearing up for a new group of participants, so no current recovery climbers will be joining the Fundraising Climb. Instead, the focus of the Fundraising Climb is to ensure we’re ready for this new group of recovery climbers and to expand the reach of our program so more people can make the climb.

About the Fundraising

Your personal contribution is appreciated beyond words. EVERY donation is meaningful and powerful—there’s no such thing as a small step when you’re scaling a mountain.

We also ask you shout from the mountaintop—share news of your donation and our Fundraising Climb in person and on social media to help us spread the word to make a larger impact.

Because we can do more.

Participation Rules, Terms & Conditions

Open to a limited number of donors who agree to the following:

  • Dedicated climb purpose to raise funds for Climbing Out of Homelessness 2019 recovery climbs. Every donor that signs up, supports 2 climber’s capstone summit trip on Mt. Baker.
  • Total 8 climbers allowed
  • The climb is run by IMG


  • $3000 Donation to cover the cost of the climb, plus the initial contribution to the program
  • $3500 to 4500 additional raised through the fundraising window which extends through the climb date of May 16, 2019
  • Down payment of $1000
  • If you raise over $4500, up to $1000 may be applied to your climb cost
  • If, for some reason, you are unable to climb on May 16th, prorated fees will be determined on an individual case basis. All donations raised remain the property of Recovery Beyond Paradigm and may not be used to pay IMG fees.


Fundraising Process:

  • Fundraising participants are allowed to use Recovery Beyond Paradigm’s name, logo, and materials to promote the climb through other venues, we ask that participants share the location link and name of the organization for our records.


  • Recovery Beyond Paradigm has published this events page to take initial registration interest. If selected Recovery Beyond Paradigm will follow up via email with additional participation information, instructions to process the down payments, and instructions to create your campaign on our donation portal at
  • Fundraising participants are allowed to use Recovery Beyond Paradigm’s name, logo, and materials to promote the climb through other venues, we ask that participants share the location link and name of the organization for our records.

Fundraising Climb FAQ

  • Should I tip the guides at the end?

    From IMG website:  “A show of appreciation for a job well done is always appropriate. We think you’ll agree that the guides go above and beyond the call of duty to make your climb as safe, successful and enjoyable as possible. Our guides typically pool the tips and share them equally. Your contribution to the guides’ tip pool can go directly to the lead guide on your program and will be appreciated by all of them! If you make out a check, please make it out to the lead guide by name. If you make it out to IMG, we are required to deduct taxes. The amount of tip is at your discretion, but tips for excellent service normally average 10-15% of the cost of the program.”

  • Is there a minimum age to sign-up?

    Yes, 18 years without a parent or legal guardian. With a legal guardian, 16 is generally the minimum. Please go to the IMG FAQ for more details.

  • Will any Recovery Beyond leaders be on this trip?

    This is a fundraising climb, if an RBP leader wants to donate them may join the climb.

  • Will Recovery Beyond recovery climbers be on this trip?

    This year’s Recovery Climbers will not be on this climb. However, there may be alumni from past year’s joining this group!

  • What gear do I need to provide?

    Please view the IMG Gear List. You can rent gear from the IMG Rental Shop on Day 1. Please also visit the IMG Rainier FAQ page.

  • Does the trip “cost” include personal climbing gear?

    No, but some items you can rent on Day 1 of the Climb, at the IMG Rental Shop. All group gear is provided for you. Please visit the IMG Rainier FAQ for more detail.

Are You Ready To Climb? 2 Slots Left For The Fundraising Climb!