Giving Tuesday

How the Program Works

Climbing Out uses mountain climbing not only as a metaphor for the challenges our participants overcome but as a physical, memorable way of regaining control and confidence.

Our program is open to those served by our partner shelters (currently the Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission and Tacoma Rescue Mission) who demonstrate and maintain success in a traditional addiction recovery program. Participants receive an additional ten months of intense physical and mental training, while also working on team-building and engaging in guided discussions to apply the mountaineering skills they learn to their everyday life.

The program is capped off by a five-day hike to the summit of Mt. Rainier—a life-changing event no matter where you’re starting from.

For those starting from rock-bottom, the summit serves as a total renewal of spirit and purpose.

Change doesn’t happen all at once, and it doesn’t come easily. Our program requires dedication and endurance, and it provides a path to real and lasting change.

How Your Contributions Help

By including Climbing Out in your Giving Tuesday contributions, you’ll be helping us serve more of the Seattle-Tacoma area’s homeless.

The more we raise, the more climbers and backpackers we can assist.

We’re also beginning an Investment Drive to expand this program to other local shelters and recovery programs. Donations above and beyond what we’re able to put to use for 2019’s climbers will help fund this effort. This, too, will help us reach more of the region’s addiction-related homeless population.

With your help, we can reach new heights in the climb to end addiction’s impact on homelessness.