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Check out Recovery Beyond’s Calendar to find out when our activities and events are happening and how to join! Activities currently include cycling, boot camp, hiking, and more!


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We’re proud of our impact and success rate. Your donation allows us to champion our vision, recovery supported for a lifetime.

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Recovery Beyond relies on the kindness of our community in many ways, including gear donations. If you’d like to donate new or used gear in good condition, please check out our list of gear needed.

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Stay in the loop with what’s happening at Recovery Beyond! Read about program spotlights, stories of recovery, program updates, and more in our “News” section.

Since 2011, Recovery Beyond has been developing a new approach to support people in their recovery journeys. Recovery isn’t finite: long-term support and structure are needed for sustained success. With a network of positive relationships and peer support, the likelihood of long-term recovery is increased. That’s why we empower each other through teamwork; from virtual meetings to mountain top summits.

Our peer-driven model works in partnership with current treatment programs to provide three of the four key dimensions of recovery: 1) health – tools for learning to manage the symptoms of substance use disorder and making positive behavioral choices; 2) purpose – meaningful activities that allow exploration of interests and development of life goals; and 3) community – a network of recovering individuals and their allies who offer support, encouragement, and hope.

Today, Recovery Beyond is taking what it learned on the mountain to the streets by targeting the greater recovery community and other community partners.

Our program is:

  • Low cost and easy to access
  • Peer-driven and goal-oriented
  • Marked by healthy-restorative relationships and holistic wellness
  • Committed to growth and celebration

Join us today!