Daily Dozen


We encourage all that are a part of our program to participate in this daily routine, the “Daily Dozen”. It consists of a light workout/warm-up we use every day. You can do it anywhere, anytime; no equipment needed. Try it!

“I recommend you perform the Daily Dozen every day. You need no equipment, not even workout clothing – you can even do this workout in your pajamas. Each exercise takes 1 minute (45 seconds of movement followed by 15 seconds of rest), so the entire routine will take just 12 minutes a day. If you think about it, those 12 minutes each day add up to 18 hours in 90 days. Thats a huge amount of strengthening and fitness to gain by doing something in the time it takes to brew coffee in the morning.”

– Creator of “the Daily Dozen”, John Colver, former IMG Guide



Visit John’s Website “In the Foot Steps of a Saint” : johncolver.com

For more of John Colver’s written work click here: Mountaineering Books

And to see the 16-day training he developed for RMI Guides go here: RMI Training Intro



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