Weekly Workouts

Welcome to the weekly workout page for the Climbing Out of Homelessness program!



Each team of women and men go through a specific physical fitness regimen twice a week to prepare for the upcoming hikes and mountain climbs. Below are listed the scheduled workouts for each group. Note that the workout groups are “gender specific” outings unless otherwise notified by RBP staff. If you wish to join us for a workout, please email us at: info@recoverybp.org



Men’s Workout – Monday & Friday at 11:30am – 1:00pm

Women’s Workout -Monday & Friday at 11:30am – 1:00pm



Men’s Workout – Monday & Wednesday at 10:30am – 12:00pm

Women’s Workout – Monday & Wednesday at 3:00pm – 4:00pm


  • If you wish to join us for a workout, sign-up as a “Exercise Buddy” here, and specify which group you’d like to join: Sign-Up Here
  • Visit our Facebook page for updates and upcoming events in your area: RBP Facebook Page



We encourage all that are a part of our program to participate in this daily routine, the “Daily Dozen”. It consists of a light workout/warm-up we use every day. You can do it anywhere, anytime; no equipment needed. Try it!

“I recommend you perform the Daily Dozen every day. You need no equipment, not even workout clothing – you can even do this workout in your pajamas. Each exercise takes 1 minute (45 seconds of movement followed by 15 seconds of rest), so the entire routine will take just 12 minutes a day. If you think about it, those 12 minutes each day add up to 18 hours in 90 days. Thats a huge amount of strengthening and fitness to gain by doing something in the time it takes to brew coffee in the morning.”

– Creator of “the Daily Dozen”, John Colver, former IMG Guide



Visit John’s Website “In the Foot Steps of a Saint” : johncolver.com

For more of John Colver’s written work click here: Mountaineering Books

And to see the 16-day training he developed for RMI Guides go here: RMI Training Intro