Program Spotlights

Our Relationships Are Our Summit

After our first year, we interviewed our recovery climbers. Every one of them said that the team experience was more meaningful to them than the summit itself. So we re-focused the program to emphasize team building and healthy relationships. We added community climbers alongside those climbing out of homelessness.

This year was the first year we had no effective route to the summit, and the emphasis on team-building paid huge dividends. We may not have been able to reach the mountain’s highest point, but the relationships were a true “high point” for all involved…and more enduring!

Life really is about relationships, and so is climbing. Our senior guide and friend Leon Davis was asked by one of our recovery climbers which mountain was his favorite to climb. He said, “I don’t think I have a favorite mountain, but I have had some favorite outings. Those really were about who I was with.” That’s what we got this year, Leon: and it really is the true summit.