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Passing The Torch

Passing The Torch

Today Recovery Beyond is announcing that its Founder and Chair, Mark Ursino, is passing the torch as Board Chair. Mark is confident in the current direction of the organization and will continue to be an enthusiastic supporter and donor. He states, “We have an exceptionally strong Board, we have a clear definition of our purpose and direction. Megan Fisher and Mark Adams have done an ​excellent job in defining how we develop our new programs, finding partners, and training volunteers…I see Recovery Beyond becoming the first widely successful model in the Northwest for post-treatment, long-term care for people dealing with substance use disorder.” This confidence, in addition to his extensive length of time on the Board, influenced his decision to step away.

In 2011, Mark began what is now known as Recovery Beyond in partnership with Union Gospel Mission. Together, they turned the dream of summiting Mt. Rainier into a reality with the creation of the Climbing Out Of Homelessness program. This time period continues to hold a special place in Mark’s heart. He shares, “​All of my best memories from Recovery Beyond center around the climbing program that started it all. Working with the men and women of the program, teaching them the ways of the mountains, and seeing them grow and develop.” Recovery Beyond Paradigm was created as a nonprofit in 2016 to sustain and broaden the Climbing Out Of Homelessness program. In 2019 the nonprofit’s name was shortened to Recovery Beyond. Soon after, the organization began expanding its offerings from the original climbing track.

Mark leaves us with this thought, “Recovery Beyond is by far the most meaningful and spiritually enriching work ​I have done in my life. It has been truly life altering. If I were fit to be a volunteer, I’d still be volunteering in the programs. I would encourage anyone ​who is at all inclined to share something of themselves with others to get involved. Helping people keep their lives on track is an experience you need to have.” To put his love of service and passion for the organization into perspective, he explains, “I was an expedition mountain climber. I was part of an expedition in Peru that was called to assist an ailing climber at 19,000′ on Huascaran Sur. We ended up saving his life. That touched me deeply. The only experience that I’ve had since that has touched me in the same way is volunteering with Recovery Beyond.

Over the past 11 years, Mark has done profound work for those in recovery from substance use disorder and those who have experienced homelessness. He has left a positive impact on the volunteers, participants, and staff members who have been a part of this organization. We are grateful for his vision, indescribable generosity, and support. His legacy continues in the spirit of Recovery Beyond.



Mark Perry New President of the Board

We are proud to announce that Recovery Beyond Board member, Mark Perry, is now the President of the Board. Mark has been dedicated to Recovery Beyond since 2020 and has been instrumental in supporting the organization by acting as Interim Executive Director in 2021 and holding the position of Treasurer on the Board.

Mark Perry has over 35 years of experience in sales, marketing, and general management that covers a broad range of roles in the Information Technology (IT) industry, most recently at Microsoft where he served an illustrious 25-year career. He enjoys being outside hiking, cycling, and fishing. He works closely with Washington Trails Association (WTA) on trail maintenance teams and is an advocate for increasing access to the outdoors.

Mark has several philanthropic interests where he contributes his time, talents, and financial support. He contributes to Medical Teams International (MTI), Seattle Union Gospel Church, Acres of Diamonds, and Sophia Way. Mark has always had a strong interest in giving back, utilizing his career and personal experiences to help those in need and uplift local communities. He believes philanthropy is the love of mankind.

Introducing the 2022 Board of Directors

Mark Perry – President and Interim Treasurer

Brad Halbach – Vice President

Marcia Hansen – Secretary

Britany Ferrell – Board Member

Read more about our Board of Directors here.