Stories of Recovery

Peer Lead Spotlight: Kamaria

My name is Kamaria Benge and I am happy to be a Peer Lead because I get to help others learn how to live life again.

In my recovery, I did all the right things. I managed a Recovery House, went to meetings, saw my counselor regularly, met with a peer counselor, and even became a peer counselor myself.

I loved the empowerment I got from being responsible again and was enthralled to have my daughter back in my life and have my family start to trust me again, but I was still missing something.

Then my coworker invited me to Recovery Beyond event. All of a sudden I knew what I was missing – experiencing life while connecting with others!

I got to go kayaking for the first time, and it was amazing! I tried boxing, and it was a blast. Just recently I tried bouldering. I thought I wouldn’t be able to climb the walls or wouldn’t like it, but it was so much fun!

Having someone there to support you when you get scared or self-doubt yourself makes it better and having someone to share in the experience is priceless!

I want to share the experience with the world, especially those who are familiar with the negatives in this world, like me.

I have overcome homelessness, substance use, and having no faith or hope. And now I have my own place, a car, my daughter, and best of all, hope, faith, and love 🙂

About the image: Myself, my daughter, and my husband on the Recovery Day at the Mariners. This was the day I got to watch my daughter go from hating going to the game and being grumpy, to smiling, having fun, and begging to go back again. That right there is why I joined RB.. to see that memorable moment reach more people.