Peers Supporting Peers

Peers Supporting Peers
Jess Villarreal

Peers Supporting Peers

Peers Supporting Peers is at the center of Recovery Beyond conversations and activities.

You’ll find people at all levels in recovery who can meet you wherever you might be in your journey.

Whether the event is boxing, rock climbing, or kayaking, you know you’ll have the support of peers cheering you on through physical activities and challenging life moments alike.


Let’s Walk and Talk

Tawnia photoTawnia, Recovery Beyond’s Peer Support Supervisor and a certified Peer Counselor, is creating a new event series specifically focused on discussing life skills and recovery. Topics include conflict resolution, using “I” statements, and building a support network.

These new events, known as Chat Walks, will offer a place for organized, topical discussions as you stroll through various parks in King and Pierce counties.

If you are unable to attend Chat Walks but are interested in conversing on these topics, we offer weekly Virtual Huddles. This virtual option will cover the same themes as Chat Walks but you can participate from the comfort of your home.

You can find the bi-weekly Chat Walks starting in 2023 on our Community Calendar.

Options for Support

If you need extra support in recovery, light case management, or resources for services, you can schedule a meeting with Tawnia.

She can help navigating larger systems, resources and referrals for housing and food assistance, guidance and support with self-advocacy, or assist in improving life skills such as communication. Contact Tawnia here to set up a one-on-one appointment.

She describes a certified Peer Counselor as, “Someone who guides and supports you in your hardest time. Peer Counselors are there to remind you of your value, worth, and importance. It’s someone who has your best interest at heart. Their only role in your life is to see that you get your needs met in the way that’s best for you, knowing that you are the best expert in yourself.”