Recovery Month Bingo

Play Recovery Month Bingo!

Celebrate Recovery Month with us! Play through the month of September to win prizes and show your support for recovery.

How To Play:

September is National Recovery Month! In celebration, we put together a fun way to meet others in recovery, share your skills, and put your knowledge to the test in our Recovery Month Bingo. Everyone must register on the Community Calendar to receive their bingo card. Cards will be distributed on September 1st.

The rules are simple. Complete a winning combination on your bingo card. Play through the month of September to find your best combination. Once you have completed the highest possible combination, submit your bingo card via email to [email protected].

Here’s how to complete your card. In the space below each item, write the corresponding date, name, or answer to the question. For example, if a square says, “Attend a Recovery Beyond Weekly activity”, write the name and date of the event underneath to receive credits. Please write the date of completion on each bingo square!


Winning Combos:

Each winning participant may claim 1 prize for the highest winning combo their card displays.

4 corners (4) Prize = $20 value

Line (hor., vert., diag.) (4) Prize = $20 value

X (8) Prize = $50 value

L (9) Prize = $75 value

T (9) Prize = $75 value

C (13) Prize = $100 value

H (13) Prize = $100 value

O (16) Prize = $150 value

Full card (24) Prize = $300 value