Say Hello To Our Activity Programs Coordinator, Elisa!

Say Hello To Our Activity Programs Coordinator, Elisa!
Jess Villarreal

Recovery Beyond is excited to welcome Elisa to the team as our Activity Programs Coordinator. Elisa will be our boots on the ground, interacting and managing Participants, Peer Leads, and activities. She says, “I am very excited at this new opportunity for my life. I originally got involved with recovery coaching because I am a trauma survivor. It took me a really long time to officially admit that. Once I was able to fully accept that I was a trauma survivor, it inspired me to help others that have also endured severe trauma. I found that engaging in nature and other activities helped me in my recovery tremendously so I began creating groups and activities for my clients as well. I am really excited to get back into it and join this amazing group of people.”

Before joining Recovery Beyond, Elisa was a District Manager for 2 years for Healthcare Services Group specializing in Environmental Services and a Program Manager for DDA Residents in Pierce County. She worked with and supported many of the youth in Pierce County to work toward sobriety, graduating high school, finding housing, getting jobs, finding their own meaning of being in recovery, and learning how to change and correct the future they believed they were given. Elisa was also a youth advocate for youth being released from juvenile detention centers as well as a seat at the table for the Tacoma Gang Project.

We asked Elisa to share a bit more about herself, read her answers below!

Why are you interested in Recovery Beyond?

I am interested in Recovery Beyond because I love the program and the company’s mission. I used to be a recovery coach for youth struggling with SUD about 3 years ago and I loved that job so much. After accepting a different job, I began to miss it so much. So I am very happy to back in this field, helping others and engaging in so many different activities.

What are you looking forward to in this role?

In this role, I am looking forward to helping others, coordinating events and activities, engaging in the super fun activities, building my education and skills with peer support, and working with my new wonderful teammates!

What hobbies/outdoor activities do you enjoy?

I love to Hike, Rock climb, and anything to do with Water. My biggest passion is Colorguard. Colorguard is where you spin rifles, flags, and sabers while incorporating dance. I performed for about 11 years and now I coach at BLHS. I have been coaching for 6 years now.