Advisory Team

  • Abigail Brewer

    My name is Abigail Brewer. I am a mother, wife, and have 3 and a half years of sobriety much of which I owe to the opportunities I have received from Recovery Beyond. I am now a true lover of nature, the bonding you get when out with friends and the stories I hear from everyone on the trail. I have now overcome so much, and learned so much! I have climbed and successfully summited Mt. Rainier, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Adams, Mt .Baker, and Mt. Saint Helens. I also have attempted to climb Mt. Hood. I never would have thought that these experiences could impact me so deeply. I honestly would have never known the love I would find for nature had I not spent time learning, training, and growing with Recovery Beyond. In my personal life I am a tattoo artist and work on call at a local youth shelter. I also teach a bible study and craft class with the women in the New Life Program through the Tacoma Rescue Mission. I play the cello most Sunday’s at my church Zion’s River. I want to give back as much as I possibly can because I have been given a second chance at my life again! I think I can offer a great perspective on the advisory team based on the experience I have obtained through being involved with Recovery beyond since 2016.

  • Jose Enciso

    Born and raised in Oregon and after the separation of his mother and father at a very young age Jose grew up with a front row seat to the effects of drugs and alcohol. Eventually crumbling to the pressures of his surroundings Jose also fell victim to drugs and alcohol abuse for 17 years. In 2008 Jose lost everything he had and gained everything he needed at the same time…he found the rooms of AA and NA. Entirely devoted to his faith and his sobriety Jose immediately began doing service work, got a sponsor, worked the steps and eventually started sponsoring others and chairing meetings. He now has over 11 years clean and sober looking for 12 in August! He has worked with his church as a leader in forgiveness classes and 3rd grade ministry leader. He has also worked with Youth Eastside services mentoring at risk youth and is involved heavily in his community volunteering at St Angelines for Thanksgiving Day meal prep and serving and also serves at local food banks, works donation programs to benefit local communities and financially supporting housing for mentally disabled adults thru their family restaurant. He works full time as a Senior Supervisor in building operations and engineering and helps out at his family’s restaurant The Triple X Root Beer Drive in on Sundays. Jose became an avid hiker after the sudden loss of his mother searching and finding ultimate peace and balance on mountain tops and in the midst of nature. He is also a dedicated cyclist who trains with Cascade Cycling Club and has done the famous STP Seattle to Portland ride for 3 years in a row. He enjoys hot yoga, Brazilian jiu jitsu, long boarding and spending time with his wife and their family of 9 kids. Yes, he has 9 kids!! Jose saw one of McKenzie’s posts on Facebook about Recovery Beyond and was instantly drawn to the purpose, met up with the group for a hike and the rest is history. He loves sharing testimonies, mentoring, guiding and inspiring others with compassion and love! Heart on his sleeve for everyone to see Jose is always smiling and ready to strike up a conversation and welcome you into his heart!

  • Mick Pearson

    Mick resides in Seattle, WA managing Kaf Adventures an outdoor education and adventure travel company, and works tirelessly to provide world-class experiences and educational experiences that provide knowledge and a greater perspective of wilderness travel.

    Mick’s true passion is education. He has found a unique passion for educating aspiring instructors and guides in the U.S. You will find him outside helping new leaders gain confidence in their ability to make decisions in complex environments.

    Mick is an American Mountain Guide Association certified Rock and Alpine Guide, SPI Program Provider, AMGA Instructor Team Member, LNT Master Trainer, a Wilderness First Responder, a certified Level 3 AAI Avalanche graduate, and a Course Leader for the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education.

    He joins the Recovery BP board to support operations and safety practices of the volunteer leaders.

  • Becky Vinson

    Becky Vinson is known for her deep love of others and an “I-can-do-that” attitude. This last year, she was one of our community climbers with our Climbing Out program. Her wit, sass, and southern charm is top-notch in our book. Becky is one of a kind. Recently we had the opportunity to interview her and hear more about what makes Becky, Becky. She shared her ups and downs, the courage needed along the way and some of her reflections on the climbing program.

    Read more about Becky’s story.

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