Advisory Team

  • Kyle McAllister

    Hi, I’m Kyle and I’ve been in recovery since 2020. I’m a Seattle native and was introduced to travel and the outdoors at a very young age. I joined the Marines out of high school and spent several years traveling the US and abroad. Following my time in the military, I began to work in the restaurant industry and gradually lost my way. More and more of my time was spent drinking and less and less was spent doing the things I once loved.

    In 2020 I finally lost the last of my support. While I’d always thought I was fine because I put my family and job before my drinking, in March of 2020 I was single and working in Northern Canada. In one day in early Covid-19 I became jobless and homeless while being 700 miles on the wrong side of the US border. Losing the last of the things I’d used to justify and excuse my drinking was difficult, but ultimately began my journey of recovery. I checked myself in to inpatient recovery and spent 7 months recovering my mental and emotional health. Upon my return to Seattle I searched for an outdoor and event oriented recovery group to help me recover my LIFE rather than just my health. I found Recovery Beyond and have now been working with Recovery Beyond since 2021. Recovery is journey and should be a joy, I look forward to sharing both with you!

  • Olga Gaistruk

    I’ve been a Recovery Beyond member since the beginning of 2021. I found out about the organization through Scott Brown’s social media posts and have been actively involved ever since, participating in and leading the hikes, fitness activities and community events. I am a former professional athlete and now a tennis coach, and have been in sobriety since January 2021. I love being outdoors and lead an active lifestyle, and believe in the healing power of nature, mountains and physical activity. I am originally from Ukraine, but moved to the United States to play tennis for the University of Maryland, where I received a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. I like to use my knowledge of the human body and my athletic background while designing the fitness workouts for Recovery Beyond, and believe that fitness should be fun and accessible for all. I think socializing and being a part of a supportive community is an essential part of recovery, and Recovery Beyond has been instrumental in providing that for me. I hope to share the opportunity of starting anew and healing with more people in recovery.

  • Jose Enciso

    Born and raised in Oregon and after the separation of his mother and father at a very young age Jose grew up with a front row seat to the effects of drugs and alcohol. Eventually crumbling to the pressures of his surroundings Jose also fell victim to drugs and alcohol abuse for 17 years. In 2008 Jose lost everything he had and gained everything he needed at the same time…he found the rooms of AA and NA. Entirely devoted to his faith and his sobriety Jose immediately began doing service work, got a sponsor, worked the steps and eventually started sponsoring others and chairing meetings. He now has over 11 years clean and sober looking for 12 in August! He has worked with his church as a leader in forgiveness classes and 3rd grade ministry leader. He has also worked with Youth Eastside services mentoring at risk youth and is involved heavily in his community volunteering at St Angelines for Thanksgiving Day meal prep and serving and also serves at local food banks, works donation programs to benefit local communities and financially supporting housing for mentally disabled adults thru their family restaurant. He works full time as a Senior Supervisor in building operations and engineering and helps out at his family’s restaurant The Triple X Root Beer Drive in on Sundays. Jose became an avid hiker after the sudden loss of his mother searching and finding ultimate peace and balance on mountain tops and in the midst of nature. He is also a dedicated cyclist who trains with Cascade Cycling Club and has done the famous STP Seattle to Portland ride for 3 years in a row. He enjoys hot yoga, Brazilian jiu jitsu, long boarding and spending time with his wife and their family of 9 kids. Yes, he has 9 kids!! Jose saw one of McKenzie’s posts on Facebook about Recovery Beyond and was instantly drawn to the purpose, met up with the group for a hike and the rest is history. He loves sharing testimonies, mentoring, guiding and inspiring others with compassion and love! Heart on his sleeve for everyone to see Jose is always smiling and ready to strike up a conversation and welcome you into his heart!

  • Scott Brown

    It all started when Scott served up an entire watermelon to the 2018 Mt. Rainier team at Pebble Creek while sporting a watermelon t-shirt. A much appreciated and satisfying treat, and not to mention hilarious! Since then, Scott has been known as “Mr. Recovery Beyond”; making Recovery Beyond flags and shirt of his own.

    That is Scott; an ever-loving, hilarious, and valued member of our team. Scott climbs mountains, treks around the world and has over a decade of sobriety. He volunteers and serves as a Backpack Lead, Hike Lead, Fitness Instructor, Recovery Mentor, and Program Advisor for Recovery Beyond. You may find him leading a hike, telling a joke, or quite possibly sporting some new watermelon garb.

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