• Megan C. Fisher

    Megan C. Fisher, LCAC, LMHCA, TTS is personally in long-term recovery and understands the significance of healthy alternatives to substance use, community engagement, and life-long support.

    Megan has been professionally involved in the behavioral health field for over 12 years, with extensive experience in non-profit administration, program development and implementation, grant management, and leveraging community resources.  She has worked in the clinical and administrative levels of residential, outpatient, community mental health, and corrections environments.

    She is an active participant of regional and national coalitions, advocating for education and stigma reduction, as well as shaping policy related to substance use disorder treatment and resources.

    Quite active in her personal life, Megan enjoys caving, obstacle-course running, boxing, and weight-lifting in her spare time.  Megan is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer.

  • Matt Bruner

    Program Manager

    Matt Bruner has experienced some of the consequences and hardships that can come with active addiction, as well as some of struggles and frustrations that can come with early recovery. It was through these experiences, and during college that Matt became more and more interested in how society could be improved to help other people that went through similar circumstances.

    This interest took Matt down a pathway to first become a Personal Trainer, then a Washington State-certified Substance Use Disorder Professional, and finally to Recovery Beyond where he could utilize both specialities in unison to offer this unique and needed service.

    Matt’s all-time favorite activity is snowboarding, but he also enjoys rock climbing, basketball, lifting weights, trail running, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, swimming, kayaking, frisbee, and biking.

  • Mark Adams

    Mark Adams has a passion for living true wholeness in health and life. He has spent nearly 20 years creating and leading programs, experiences, and communities that teach and guide people toward living better, healthier lives in a more natural, joyful, and holistic way. His driving question for folks is, “Can you live it?

    A college athlete and personal trainer back in the day, “Dr. Mark” earned his doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University and has always focused on whole health living instead of clinical treatment. Mark also earned a master’s degree in Exercise & Sport Science from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and an undergraduate degree from Harvard University.

    Most notably, Mark co-founded ONVO, a boutique whole body health and wellness community in the Bellevue-Seattle area that attracted thousands of clients during its decade existence. During that time he was invited to speak at companies such as Starbucks, Microsoft, and Google.

    Raised in Indiana, Mark has lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than two decades. He and his three boys live in Issaquah, WA and have a love for hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures with their 125 pound dog, Bullet. In 2020, Mark and his boys founded a family non-profit called FAITH FUELED that brings together physical and spiritual health.

  • Jennifer Boudreau

    Jennifer Boudreau has 15+ years in Sr. Manager experience, in the following verticals: operations, non-profit organizations, hospitality, sales and marketing, health and wellness, and healthcare.

    She founded Daughters in Faith in 2017, where she has helped to clothe, feed and facilitate job training for hundreds of individuals looking to make a better life for themselves and their families.

    In 2020 she led fundraising and events bringing in $100k + in donations for a multitude of nonprofits.

    Jen is an expert in the art of marketing and storytelling. She’s able to articulate and create a truly engaging experience for all involved.

    Extensive volunteer work, ranging from her church, eliminating generational poverty, to her recent endeavor assisting human trafficking victims renter society.

    In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, trail running, or studying languages (currently Latin and First Order Language).


  • Jess Villarreal

    Jess Villarreal leads Recovery Beyond’s marketing and communications operations. She is a copywriter with a 5-year background in non-profit coordination and management.

    In her previous role with Recovery Beyond, Jess acted as the Senior Program Manager and was responsible for the creation and daily oversight of the Climb Team, expansion events, and personnel. Before joining Recovery Beyond, Jess spearheaded after-school programming and community engagement efforts, as well as created accessibility frameworks to address barriers to the outdoors. 

    As an avid rock climber, biker, and someone who enjoys a good walk, Jess has found solace and inspiration in physical activities. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Virginia and currently resides in Seattle, WA.

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