Vice President

Anne Marie Legato

Vice President

Hi, my name is Anne Marie and I’m dedicated to living my best life in recovery.

I have discovered many times since 2003 that my spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness is tied very closely to being active and prioritizing movement, especially movement in fresh air.  Life and work can easily get in the way, and I become unbalanced very quickly. I am restored by learning new ways of moving and practicing activities I already enjoy.  By intentionally getting out of our heads and into our bodies, we cultivate connection with nature and people. It always helps me return to positivity.

Recovery Beyond fits beautifully into my self-care strategy. I learned about the program after developing a desire to deepen my skills from occasional recreational kayaker to skilled sea kayaker. Participating in the summer-long kayaking group activity helped me stay on track and meet more people who love to be outdoors like I do.  The audacious adventure of kayaking in the San Juan Islands was exactly what I wanted and needed in 2022 and cemented my desire to both participate and to give back in service to this small but mighty team.

I’m into kayaking, scuba-diving, paddleboarding, skiing, dancing, yoga nidra, hiking/walking, traveling, and pickleball. Variety is spicy!