Gina Haines

Gina Haines

Founding Board Member

Gina Haines has personally witnessed the impacts of addiction. Damage from destructive behaviors produce many issues that we, as individuals, families, and society struggle to cope with and address. I am involved in Recovery Beyond for the following reasons: the program works; it’s holistic in its approach, and both the participants and volunteers benefit from the experience. In the end, we are finding that people are able to re-engage in more productive lives and are happier.

Gina has over 25 years’ experience in business strategy development, marketing, and program management, product development, project management, organizational design, and marketing communications. Her passion is leading SWAT-like teams that quickly analyze and fix business or social problems. She has held management positions with Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, USWEST and Hitachi Consulting.

She is known as creative, tenacious, efficient and fun to work with, engendering loyalty among team members and customers alike. Her career is supported by an Executive MBA and two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Washington.

Her volunteer efforts have been as a Parish Leader, Educator, and President of the St. Louise’s St. Vincent de Paul Conference and on the Archdiocese Speaker Board. She is a Certified Catechist, Grief Minister and Facilitator for CoveyLink Speed of Trust content. She has deep experience in building a volunteer base; developing strategy, program development, and launch/execution; in addition to financial oversight.