Mark Perry

Mark Perry


Mark Perry has over 35 years’ experience in Sales, Marketing and general management that covers a broad range of roles in the Information Technology (IT) industry, most recently at Microsoft, Inc. where he served an illustrious 25-year career and retired in October 2019. During his tenure at Microsoft, he led teams that focused on product strategy, sales, marketing, and customer service. He was in a general manager position for the majority of his tenure which enabled him to sharpen his business skills along with people leadership. He will say he is a lifetime learner. Defining a business strategy with clear priorities is what he believes enables people to realize their potential and that is what Mark believes defines success in any organization. And that leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example that applies in his life every day whether it is personal, a professional role or public service. He has served on non-profit boards and you can see that as part of his background on LinkedIn:

He enjoys working with innovative people and areas to advance one’s personal growth. And he really enjoys being on the edge. Since retiring he has been fortunate to utilize his background to assist businesses in shaping their strategic direction and priorities. He currently serves on the advisory board for companies like Officium Labs to drive improvements in customer experience. Along with talentsky as they explore the potential to recognize new ways of skills development.

Over the years he has always enjoyed being outside whether that is spending time on a trail hiking, cycling on pavement (or dirt), and in a river (or on a lake) fishing which provides him with a connection to nature while finding a relaxing harbor to reenergize. With his wife Deb, they have experienced multiple cycling tours to places like Vietnam, Italy, and Croatia. In 2019 they enjoyed a wonderful hike in Italy trekking the Dolomites. He does have a passion for fishing around the Pacific Northwest and in places like Baja, British Columbia, and Alaska. He also works closely with Washington Trails Association (WTA) on trail maintenance teams and assisting to advocate for being outdoors as a healthy life choice.

In addition to his business and personal interests, Mark and Deb have several philanthropic interests where they contribute their time, talents, and financial contributions, whether that is in a contributor role or as leaders. They work with non-profits like Medical Teams International (MTI), and visited places like Uganda, Mexico, Guatemala, and Lebanon. He contributes to Seattle Union Gospel Church, Acres of Diamonds, Sophia Way and most recently has been working with Humanize Homelessness to assist in every way possible as he has a deep concern for people unsheltered and in need.

Mark has always had a strong interest in giving back, utilizing his career and personal experiences to help those in need and do everything he can to help the local communities. He believes philanthropy is the love of mankind. And he looks forward to assisting in any way he can and feels there is a complete alignment with his interests and the vision of Recovery Beyond. He looks forward to serving the team and the community served as best as he possibly can.