Mark Ursino

Mark Ursino

Founding Board Member

Mark Ursino has over 20 years’ experiences in Marketing, Sales and general management – experience that covers an unusually wide range of assignments, technologies and channels. He has worked for or with such companies as Boeing Computer Services, Microsoft, Asymetrics, Compaq, IBM, DEC, Tandy and Zenith. He has worked in Technical Support and Systems Analysis as well as Sales and Marketing. His direct product experience ranges from Systems Software such as Windows, OS/2, and UNIX to horizontal applications by Microsoft University, and Asymetrix’s consulting organization. Outside of computing, Mr. Ursino has consulted with and / or provided executive training for diverse organizations such as small Long Distance phone companies, large telecommunication companies and municipal governments,

Since 2010, Mark Ursino has partnered with Mike Johnson to create and run the “Climbing out of Homelessness” program, which takes promising men and women in substance abuse programs and gives them the opportunity to form a team that trains in the outdoors, ultimately leading to a summit attempt on Mt. Rainier.

Are You Ready To Climb? 2 Slots Left For The Fundraising Climb!