Nate Lanting

Nate Lanting

Program Manager

Growing up on dairy farm in the northwest, Nate is familiar with hard work and the outdoors. Graduating from Washington State University with a construction management degree, he redirected his education after college and pursued social work; working with low-income, homeless, and addicted individuals in Spokane, Bellevue and Seattle for the past five years. Most recently Nate worked at Seattle Union Gospel Mission as the Emergency Outreach Administrator, providing shelter, food, case management and additional outreach services throughout King County.

With many years of action and team sports, as well as personal coaching, tutoring, and mentorship, Nate combines these personal passions often with his own work. At Recovery Beyond Paradigm, Nate is the Program Manager and plays the role of team coach, personal trainer, and mentor. Specifically he is responsible for preparing each team member physically and mentally, while also providing a layer of emotional and relational support.

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