Recovery Beyond Paradigm and the Climbing Out Of Homelessness Program Featured by REI Co-op Journal and NowThis

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  • Erin ClowesClimber Encouragement
    "My daughter is in recovery and the thing that sustains her is frequent access to the wild trails and natural wonders she can access in Bozeman, MT. Her fitness level is amazing. These days of training and climbing will be intimidating, but those days will rise and set regardless of how you spend them so keep at it – no one knows suffering like an addict knows suffering – you can do this! You are already charting a new course! I was so inspired by your project, it’s genius!"
  • Volunteer
    "The climb is such a tangible metaphor for the program climbers, providing inspiration, motivation, and positive rewards at each stage. Success in this "impossible" goal teaches vision, skills, discipline, faith, confidence, teamwork, and habits to succeed with all life challenges. I was a community participant in the 2016 team training and summit climbs for Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier. The training and instruction on mountaineering skills was top rate, and we had superb guides. The leaders provided everything we needed to succeed as long as we put in the effort. More importantly, the relationships with the program climbers were rewarding and will be enduring. I am so thankful to see them succeed in life as well as reach the summit."
  • Volunteer
    "I had the privilege of being a porter for the 2016 climb. I had met Nat Lanting at the top of mailbox peak about a month prior to the climb (divine appointment). I am a recovering alcoholic that has been given so much in sobriety...first and foremost is an intimate relationship with God. The road to happy destiny is 'trudged' better in community and fellowship."
  • Program Climber
    "The most helpful aspect about climbing out of homelessness was the people it really allowed me to connect with people who were in recovery and outside recovery all different walks of life you really showed me that people don't see me as an addict they just see me exact and that I don't have to always identify as an addict."
  • Volunteer
    "I drove guys, hiked with them, trained with them, and got to lead a rope team. I was only a small part but added to the environment of care and encouragement to them pushing forward to their goal of climbing out of addiction and climbing rainier. We are healed through relationship and I hope I was able to love the guys well in the time they were in my life and I in theirs."
  • Greg BradenRBP Supporter
    "...in my past experiences in law enforcement and, currently, as a Victim Advocate, I am all too aware of the devastation that addiction and homelessness has on individual lives, families and communities. Resolving these issues is hugely complex. However, I also believe strongly that the solutions reside in innovative, local efforts being undertaken by RBP and similar organizations."

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