Participants and Peer Leads

  • Participant – Ciara

    “Recovery Beyond has been an amazing addition to my life. When I was first approached about recovery beyond  there was, naturally, a little uncertainty being the fact that it would be a new experience in a new environment with all new people! For me it’s always the same story in my head; I’m nervous to immerse myself into a new situation but then whenever I am in the situation I feel the opposite of nervous/uncertain;  I am confident and enthusiastic! Also, afterwards there is positive reinforcement because I just did something that I was scared to do so there is a sense of empowerment of what I just accomplished. It’s fun to see that contrast.”

  • Participant – Sylvia

    “I feel like I have worked on my mental and emotional parts with IOP, my mental health counselor, and being active in A.A. But I felt like something with my physical health was lacking. It was time to add the physical side to not only my recovery but my lifestyle. I was lucky enough to be told about this by my Parole officer. It’s so nice to have somewhere to get out and do more of the outdoor activities and workouts with sober people.”

  • Peer Lead – Olga

    “Recovery Beyond is such an essential part of my recovery and taking care of my mental health!”

  • Peer Lead – Kyle

    “Why be a Peer Lead? I suppose for me it’s hope and understanding. Both were in very short supply in my life, and while I was on my road to recovery, I found it to be true for so many who were starting their own journeys. It brings me joy to share my hope, and to offer my understanding.”

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