Building a Community for Lasting Results. Giving Those In Recovery “A New High”.

Building a Community for Lasting Results.
Giving Those In Recovery “A New High”.

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Today, over 20 million Americans—1 out of every 12— are addicted to drugs or alcohol. This epidemic kills over 100,000 and costs us over $500 billion annually. While over 700,000 people are currently enrolled in nearly 15,000 different recovery programs, it is reported that 40%-60% of those that complete a recovery program will relapse within the first year.

In 2011, a collective group of recovering addicts, social work professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts teamed together in an effort to help those struggling with a substance use disorder find long lasting sobriety through climbing mountains, specifically Mt. Rainier. Year-after-year, substantial recovery strength and long-term sobriety resulted from this mountain-top, community experience. In 2016, Recovery Beyond Paradigm (RBP) began; a non-profit crafted to scale and multiply these positive results throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. In 2019 the organization shortened it’s name to Recovery Beyond.

Recovery Beyond’s volunteer-driven model works in partnership with current addiction treatment programs to provide the two additional, critical success factors for long-term sobriety:

  1. a new, enduring lifestyle of healthy behaviors and activities; and
  2. a long-term community filled with positive relationships and support.

All the critical elements of recovery are met. There is external supervision and support outside of treatment. Vigorous physical activity and exercise-driven endorphins provide a healthy alternative habit. Participants also enjoy a close-knit community of fellow climbers and volunteers, forming new, healthy relationships that last long after their addiction recovery program.

This outdoor recovery community, gives all those deciding to get clean and sober, a safe place to belong, healing relationships that last a lifetime, and healthy active hobbies. We know that when these three exist, long lasting sobriety is the result.

A feature-length documentary, A New High, tracked the impact of our program and made its world premiere at the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). In 2018, Recovery Beyond was also featured in short-short-form documentaries produced by REI and Now This.

We believe it’s never too late to earn redemption, to bring healing and health to body, mind, and spirit and to reclaim purpose, value, and direction in life.  Help us to help others restore the soul and inspire the human spirit.

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Recovery Beyond and the Climbing Out  Program Featured by REI Co-op Journal and NowThis

Successful Treatment On The First Ascent

On average people go through treatment recovery programs seven times before life changes stick. This program is different. 

Homelessness due to addiction to any substance abuse is on the rise. Existing solutions are anemic and costly; they also fail to get long term results. By coupling a ‘whole person’ approach to treatment programs the client learns not only to deal with physical aspects of their addiction but also the socialization, emotional, mental and skill development needed to fit in with ‘normals’. Recovery Beyond couples physical fitness with a host of other interpersonal skills to prevent the slide back into the destructive patterns of the past.

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What we are about…

Taking those who are serious about recovery and offering them a remarkable opportunity to excel.

The Root of Addiction

The Root of Addiction

Addiction is not just a substance abuse problem, it is a socialization problem. Recovery Beyond seeks to address isolation while building a community of support. We actively remove the “us versus them” attitude to set the individual on the right path towards lasting recovery.

Creating a Positive Reality

Creating a Positive Reality

Recovery Beyond works with program climbers to provide a fresh spin on their current reality.  By emphasizing new possibilities, our participants begin to see a new, alternative reality.  This forms the foundation for them to see the world in a new way. We do this by calling out each individual’s best personal attributes as we challenge their skills, determination, and ability to be part of a team.

It's About Teamwork

It’s About Teamwork

Teamwork is central to Recovery Beyond.  The road to lasting recovery is challenging, and we help the participants recognize that to be successful they cannot do it alone. Through the teamwork they experience within the program, participants learn from each other and talk about the life changes they are going through. Being successful requires a team in order to reach the end result, and the teamwork they have practiced become real.

Building The Plan

Building The Plan

Achieving and sustaining major life changes requires solid planning. Recovery Beyond enhances each member’s overall recovery program by aligning the physical preparation program with their recovery activities.  This combination reinforces their learning of how to overcome temptations, find a rewarding path in life, and developing the life skills that will help them stay away from addiction.

Achieving Results

Achieving Results

Since 2011, Climbing Out has achieved superior results in breaking the cycle of relapse during recovery. Since 2015, nearly all of the participants have successfully achieved sobriety in a lasting and meaningful way. Many have returned to or found new careers; reestablishing a promising future.