Cultivating Community Which Inspires Recovery Pathways for Healing, Hopeful Living

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At Recovery Beyond, we see recovery as an adventure! We believe recovery is an active, spirited way of living that is rooted in the joy and freedom of genuine health and wholeness. Since 2011, our community has grown by offering consistent, accessible, adventure-based experiences led by peers for peers.

Recovery Beyond’s peer-driven model works in partnership with treatment programs, community organizations, and behavioral health systems to provide critical success factors for long-term recovery:

  1. health – tools for learning to manage the symptoms of substance use disorder and making positive choices;
  2. purpose – meaningful activities, exploration of interests, and development of life goals; and
  3. community – a network of recovering individuals and their allies who offer support, encouragement, and hope.


Through physical activity, positive relationships, and goal setting, we offer participants a sense of purpose and belonging. Our programming fosters ‘health and wholeness’ as participants experience feelings of accomplishment, community, and opportunities for adventure.

We believe it is never too late to pursue personal goals and dreams, to value self and others, and to become a unified core of health in body, mind, and spirit.

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