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Our Program + Join as a Participant

Programs that only address addiction have a lifetime failure rate of more than 90%. On average, it takes seven “successful” trips through a recovery program for a person to achieve lifelong results. Many never see such results through traditional programs.

We see things differently. By taking an innovative approach to recovery we’re seeing results that far surpass what traditional programs are able to achieve. By engaging the rigorous challenges of physical achievements, Recovery Beyond is taking recovery success to new levels.

We want to be there to support you during your treatment program and after treatment ends. We believe in an innovative approach by engaging in physical achievements, community-centered events, and long-term goal setting.

Our Program

Our signature program has evolved from what used to be the Climbing Out Of Homelessness program. Originally designed as an innovative approach to addressing addiction-related homelessness, we are now taking a bold step to open the program to all people struggling with addiction in their lives.

We know that our approach to recovery is highly successful and want to scale our model to serve more people in recovery. That’s why we’re looking to the future through partnerships with recovery centers across King County to introduce a variety of physical challenges. We invite you, as an individual member, to join our active, sober community today.



To be in recovery means changing everything in life to accomplish long-lasting sobriety – including the people and places that surround someone experiencing substance use disorder. We believe this can be done with help from a sober community – a support system built on relationships, teamwork, and fun! In our weekly offerings, we find that exercise, goal setting, team-based activity, and being in nature can change the body, mind, and soul. Our programming creates new trusted bonds with oneself and others; building a pathway of support for a lifetime.


Member Benefits:

  • Access to year-round fitness activities, events, seminars, and discounts
  • Become part of our sober community where you will build lasting, supportive relationships