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We believe in the power of action. Fully embodying a spirit of health and recovery comes from living it. Our goal is to show you skills for sustained recovery through activity and adventure.

By engaging in events that focus on resilience, mindfulness, connection, and goal setting, you’ll learn how to incorporate those same skill sets in your day-to-day life.

We’re all about the experience, come see for yourself.

Get Involved. Make Connections. Go Beyond.

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How to Join

Recovery requires changing many aspects of your life. We want to show you that you’re not alone in this journey. We believe recovery opens doors to awesome adventures and opportunities.

Our Adventure Map explains how we’ll bring you together with peers in recovery in new and exciting ways – all at no cost.

To join, fill out the participant form and we’ll set up an orientation. From there, you’ll have access to all events on our Community Calendar.

Your Ticket to Adventure

(1) Join our community at no cost to become an active participant!
(2) Participants get free, ongoing access to our activities and events by doing two simple things each month: participate in one or more activities AND complete a two minute online assessment.
(3) The more you engage in our community, the more Adventure Bucks (Reward Points) you earn. Cash in your Adventure Bucks to apply for our Audacious Annual Expedition and Seasonal Reach Experiences!


Recovery Beyond honors multiple pathways of recovery. For the safety of all concerned, however, every participant must not be under the influence of substances or in active withdrawal for 72 hours prior to Recovery Beyond participation.

Participant Benefits

  • Become part of our recovery community where you will build lasting, supportive relationships
  • Learn new skill sets in a welcoming environment
  • No cost and easy to access
  • Goal-oriented; offering consistency and accountability
  • All about fitness, experiences, outdoor adventure, and embracing challenges
  • Committed to growth, connection, and celebration
  • Celebrate achievements with new friends!


Peers Supporting Peers

Peers Supporting Peers is at the center of Recovery Beyond conversations and activities.

You’ll find people at all levels in recovery who can meet you wherever you might be in your journey.

Whether the event is boxing, rock climbing, or kayaking, you know you’ll have the support of peers cheering you on through physical activities and challenging life moments alike.

If you need extra support in recovery, light case management, or resources for services, you can schedule a meeting with our certified Peer Support Counselors.