Recovery Resources

Recovery Resources

You Are AccountableAccountable provides a low touch safety net of support for individuals in recovery as they transition from therapeutic care into a fulfilling, and self-determined life.

Washington Recovery Helpline:  1-866-789-1511 – Offers an anonymous, confidential 24-hour helpline for Washington State residents. This helpline is for those experiencing substance use disorder, problem gambling, and/or a mental health challenge. Our professionally-trained volunteers and staff provide emotional support. They can also connect callers with local treatment resources or more community services.

Free Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab resources in Washington: 1-800-780-2294 – Finding hard to locate resources for assistance with alcohol, drug, and other rehab related problems is what is all about. We scoured thousands of government and nonprofit resources to find the most affordable, free and sliding scale resources.

Treatment Centers in Washington – A list of treatment centers in the Washington area.

Virtual Recovery Resources – This tip sheet describes resources that can be used to virtually support recovery from mental/substance use disorders.

SMART Recovery Toolbox  – The SMART Recovery Toolbox provides a variety of methods, worksheets, and exercises to help you self-manage your addiction recovery and your life. This collection of sensible tools is based on developing cognitive thinking skills to support you through addiction recovery.

Yoga of 12 Step – Y12SR “connects the dots” between the ancient wisdom of yoga, the practical tools of 12-step programs, and the latest research on trauma healing and neurobiology. As part of a holistic recovery program, it works in tandem with traditional treatment to address the physical, mental and spiritual disease of addiction.

AA and NA Meetings in Washington

Live Another Day – Live Another Day believes in equal access to life-saving mental health and substance use resources. This website provides extensive information on the best resources available as well as culturally competent resources that address the specific needs and available means of support.

Detox Local – An excellent resource that features abundant information including mental health and substance use resources specifically for the AAPI (American Asian and Pacific Islander) community.

Bicycle Health – An online medication treatment provider for opioid use disorder. Bicycle Health offers online support groups, which serve as safe, confidential spaces to meet with others who are also in recovery. During these meetings, patients have the opportunity to connect with others with shared experiences, learn strategies for maintaining wellness and abstinence from opioid use, and provide encouragement for group participants experiencing life challenges.

Medicare Resources for Mental Health Care: This comprehensive guide aims to help medicare recipients identify the different types of outpatient and inpatient services that are covered, eligibility, and most importantly how to get help paying for services and medications.

Hiking Resources

Resources for Hiking With KidsTurn family outings into a learning experience. There is so much you can learn from taking a hiking trip, from nature and wildlife, to being prepared and learning about trail markers and how to navigate in the woods

WTA Hiking 101 – Choosing the right hike, picking out gear, and hiking etiquette, safety, and permits 

WTA Hiking GuideWTA’s hiking guide is the most comprehensive database of hikes in Washington, and comprises content written by local hiking experts and user-submitted information. All data is vetted by WTA staff

Life-Style Resources 

Nutrition to Promote Healing – Powerpoint on healthy eating for recovery

Create Healthy Eating Guide – Use this method to create healthy eating habits through interactive journal prompts and nutrition information 

Self-Care Assessment Worksheet – This assessment tool provides an overview of effective strategies to maintain self-care