Mission & Vision

What drives Recovery Beyond Paradigm


To develop, fund, and deliver programs, services, or items that complement the efforts of established recovery/homelessness programs in unconventional ways.


To truly address the problems of addiction recovery and homelessness requires solutions that go beyond the norm.

Our Future

Our first goal is to expand our partnering relationship to more missions, specifically; we hope to be back at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission in September. From there, we hope to branch out to other recovery programs within our area. We eventually plan to offer this programmatic approach to missions anywhere.

Our second goal is to expand into other physical fitness activities and sports. Mountain climbing is a physically demanding sport not open to all. Running, biking, hiking and water sports could easily be substituted for mountain climbing. The benefits of this program’s structure are not tied to any one endeavor. The metaphor of ‘climbing a mountain’ applies equally to the challenging journey anyone dealing with addictions must climb to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Why do we do this?

This work is important because there is no end to the population that struggle with addiction of various types. The journey is basically the same, while meeting the individual where they currently are and helping them to find a path that leads to the life they deserve is unique. We look at the whole person and provide mentoring and teach the additional skills they need to successfully re-enter society and to become a valued team member.

We don’t give a ‘hand out’; we help by giving a ‘hand up’ climbing out of the desperate situation many addicts find themselves in. The loss of community is replaced with caring team members who share the daily challenges and encourage growth so our participants can be the best they can be. We teach skills that are necessary to handle daily life. We provide experiences that build confidence and turn lives around.

Finally, we do this work, because we get very positive results and change lives for the better. It is our mission to make our community stronger, one person at a time.










  • Video Librarian
    "The message of self-empowerment is persuasive in this gorgeous but often harrowing travelogue of a dangerous trek."
  • Program Climber
    "The most helpful aspect about climbing out of homelessness was the people it really allowed me to connect with people who were in recovery and outside recovery all different walks of life you really showed me that people don't see me as an addict they just see me exact and that I don't have to always identify as an addict."
  • Volunteer
    "I had the privilege of being a porter for the 2016 climb. I had met Nat Lanting at the top of mailbox peak about a month prior to the climb (divine appointment). I am a recovering alcoholic that has been given so much in sobriety...first and foremost is an intimate relationship with God. The road to happy destiny is 'trudged' better in community and fellowship."
  • Crome Yellow
    “...not only one of the best documentaries you’ll see all year, but one of the best films as well.”
  • Erin ClowesClimber Encouragement
    "My daughter is in recovery and the thing that sustains her is frequent access to the wild trails and natural wonders she can access in Bozeman, MT. Her fitness level is amazing. These days of training and climbing will be intimidating, but those days will rise and set regardless of how you spend them so keep at it – no one knows suffering like an addict knows suffering – you can do this! You are already charting a new course! I was so inspired by your project, it’s genius!"
  • Greg BradenRBP Supporter
    "...in my past experiences in law enforcement and, currently, as a Victim Advocate, I am all too aware of the devastation that addiction and homelessness has on individual lives, families and communities. Resolving these issues is hugely complex. However, I also believe strongly that the solutions reside in innovative, local efforts being undertaken by RBP and similar organizations."