Mission & Vision


WE ARE a community known for its spirit of adventure, where ‘health and wholeness’ is valued and discovered, lived and breathed!


Cultivating community which inspires recovery pathways for healing, hopeful living.

How Are We Made to Live Best as a Whole Person?

What if Recovery Was Just Another Word for Living?

How Do We Get the Most Positive Impact?


[magnificent, noble, ambitious, or striking in conception, scope, or effect]

When we see recovery as really just another word for living, we can be more grand in our perspective — which helps us see the bigger picture.


[not afraid to do new, bold, or exciting things]

When we know that our body is built tough and leans toward health if given an honest chance, we can be more adventurous and confident in the way we live — which helps us stop being so afraid.


[showing and enjoying health and vigor of whole body, mind, and spirit]

When we learn to stop compartmentalizing ourselves and our lives into pieces and parts, we can start pursuing wholeness — which helps us find the trailhead for healing, hopeful living.


[genuine, authentic; not fake, false, or artificial]

When we understand that nourishment fuels life, movement expresses life, and relationships are the meaning of life, we can be refreshingly real on how we spend our time and energy — which helps us be our better self on the inside and outside.


[marked by deep understanding, keen discernment; capacity for sound judgment of what is good and true and right]

When we view the stream of endless information and conflicting opinions through a lens of lasting understanding, we can calmly and wisely rise above the messy confusion to see what matters most — which helps us make better decisions.


[feeling, causing, showing happiness; full of joy]

When we find that groove that lives somewhere between being impossibly perfect and just giving up, we allow ourselves the grace and freedom to
be joyful and spunky — which helps us be less anxious and more present in life’s moments.


[to accept something as true, genuine, or real]

When we trust we are made to connect, we have reason to believe in something bigger than ourselves — which gives us hope and responsibility that who we are and what we do matters.

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