Angela Buggert

Angela Buggert
Nate Lanting

Angela’s (on the right in photo) addiction to heroin started when she was just 16. For over 10 years she wrestled in the clutches of this merciless disease. But just last year this sober and confident 26-year-old graduated the Tacoma Rescue Mission recovery program and summited Mt. Rainier with a new understanding of the power of her own ability coupled with a community that loves her.

“The climb did wonders for my recovery and my confidence in myself.

“I think I could have gotten clean and stayed clean without (being on the climb team), but I think the confidence I have from it … I mean, I climbed Mount Rainier. I still look at it and get goosebumps.

“A year and a half ago I didn’t have a single person that would trust me with anything. I didn’t have anyone that I trusted, and I didn’t have anyone who trusted me. To be a part of this team, where literally you trust each other with your lives … it’s a serious thing.

“It’s just been a huge part of my recovery.”

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Tacoma Rescue Mission group topples addiction and the state’s highest peak – Wednesday, September 14, 2016 – By Matt Driscoll / The News Tribune