Climbing Mountains with Scott

Climbing Mountains with Scott
Jess Villarreal

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” – John Muir

Have you ever met Scott Brown? You would know it if you did.

Scott’s outgoing and infectious personality fills up a room. You’ll hear his jokes and wild tales on the hiking trail, even if you’re at the back of the group. He’s the President of the Recovery Beyond Peer Advisory Board and has been hiking with the organization since January 2018.

By his second year with Recovery Beyond, he was helping with every Seattle Union Gospel Mission and Tacoma Rescue Mission hike. By his estimates, he’s completed over 50 hikes with the program. Scott’s favorite thing about his volunteer work during this period was that “…it was a place to belong. Somewhere I felt comfortable and was able to share the adventures with others!”

His experience with the outdoors goes back to his childhood when he grew up hiking in Montana. He explains, “Mom had me hiking in elementary school. In fact, I believe I was camping before I could walk.”

Scott’s hiking eventually turned into mountaineering. He began mountain climbing and learning glacier travel training with Recovery Beyond in 2018.

In 2023, Scott wants to bring climbing mountains back to Recovery Beyond. He’s working with volunteers, staff, the Board of Directors, and participants to reinvigorate the climbing track. “Recovery and mountaineering,” Scott describes, “…well first it is something to occupy time. The other is it gives you a chance to escape, wind down mentally, and focus on stuff other than life… [climbing mountains] takes me out of day-to-day thoughts and concerns. Plus the views are awesome!!”

Scott shares that participants can expect to build on a community, create trust, and experience bonding over the adventure from the new climbing program. The team will get out, spend time on the trails, and enjoy nature together.

When asked what mountaineering has taught him, he responds, “I’ve learned that I am not in charge. The mountain is.”

We’ll share more information on the new climbing program throughout the year. The program will launch in 2024.