Climbing Out

The Climbing Out Program

After several years of effort and experimentation, the “Climbing Out” program began. Professional guides and mentors supply participants with a strong, steady diet of physical training, technical guidance, and personal support and encouragement necessary for summiting Rainier, the highest peak in Washington State.

All the critical elements of recovery are met. There is external supervision and support outside of treatment. Vigorous physical activity and exercise-driven endorphins provide a healthy alternative habit. Participants also enjoy a close-knit community of fellow climbers and volunteers, forming new, healthy relationships that last long after the climb.



Our signature activity for the Climbing Out program has evolved from what used to be the Climbing Out Of Homelessness program. Originally designed as an innovative approach to addressing addiction-related homelessness, we are now taking a bold step to open the program to all people struggling with addiction in their lives.

The program uses the physical and metaphorical challenge of climbing a mountain to achieve recovery success. Participants in this program embark on a 10-month journey with rigorous training, community building, and ultimately a summit of either Mount Hood or Mount Rainier.


Backpacking Trips

This is one of our two expedition-based programs. These are exciting, wonderfully- challenging, and highly-team-building options. Yearly, this opportunity gives recovery participants the ability to take on new challenges and rise to new heights. Through backpacking participants see the wonderful countryside of Washington and get intentional time to reconnect with self, others and their higher power. At Recovery Beyond, we offer this unique featured opportunity annually.


Hiking Day Trips

Getting outside in-and-of-itself is therapeutic. The outdoors slows things down and allows for a time of reconnection with self, others, and our higher power. At Recovery Beyond, we head outside and hold monthly community hikes. Each hike has a “training-pace” and a “standard- pace”, allowing for many to come and take part in the outdoors.


Fitness and Training

To be in recovery means changing everything in life to accomplish long-lasting sobriety. To be healthy and whole, one place we start at Recovery Beyond is with general team-based fitness. We hold weekly fitness workouts, where we find that exercising, and positive goal setting with others changes the body, mind, and soul, as it creates new trusted bonds with yourself and others, building a pathway of support for a lifetime.


Benefits to Program Climbers

Our program provides the following benefits to our program climbers: a sense of community, healthy new lifestyle, new friends, improved health, learning to set goals, improved communication skills, to find value as a person, enjoy being part of a team, a sense of acceptance, a chance to rebuild trust, to learn more about themselves, and appreciate a greater sense of awe and presence of a spiritual power in the outdoor beauty of nature.

Some Reasons for Relapse

Sadly, relapses still happen; the reasons might include: going back to the same community or environment where drugs and alcohol were the main activities; experiencing social isolation; not receiving enough or lack of proper counseling and support to deal with trauma and the stressful triggers of life challenges; the ‘6-month itch’, where boredom and resentment may impede progress to lasting recovery. In addition, there may be economic factors when participants may be forced to return to work before they are ready or before completing with treatment.

Reach Out For Recovery Support

If you or someone you know could benefit from addiction recovery support and are interested in participating in the Climbing Out program, please fill out the form for additional information.


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