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Recovery Beyond:
Invest in Lasting Change

Nearly 10{637c4c527fde39f83a380e19107d2ba88ad72607f37ccf8f8b7edeff1c20688c} of adults in the United States suffer or are in recovery from a substance abuse issue. This has staggering social and economic costs for our national community, and presents immediate concerns of survival and stability to those living with addiction—including an exponentially increased risk for homelessness.

In the Seattle-Tacoma region, more than 13,000 people are without permanent shelter and the means to acquire it. While many local shelters and other programs do a tremendous job serving this population with severely limited resources, there are not beds enough for all, nor are these shelters equipped to effectively deal with underlying addictions.

Immediate life-and-death needs take precedence over long-term solutions. While this is understandable given today’s problems, but it only increases tomorrow’s burden.

Recovery Beyond takes a different approach.

A Lifeline to Lifelong Change

We respect, admire, and applaud both the selflessness and the successes of local homeless shelters and addiction recovery programs. Our work would not be possible without them.

We also envision a world where these programs are called upon to serve far fewer of our community’s members. Where temporary solutions are not offered as a stop-gap but as a stepping stone, offering the stability and security people need before they can focus on lasting change.

To that end, Recovery Beyond partners with local shelters to end the cycle of addiction and homelessness. Every participant in our Climbing Out program undergoes ten months of intense physical and mental training in addition to demonstrating and maintaining success in a traditional addiction recovery program. The program culminates in a five-day hike to the summit of Mt. Rainier, a physical challenge that memorializes and manifests their commitment to change and growth.

The Team Mission long-distance running program at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, is a spin-off and employs the same principles and requires the same determination and endurance from our participants while providing greater accessibility and easier entry than our climbing program.

These programs build lasting skills and permanently shift perspectives. We help those suffering from addiction and homelessness today to ensure they have ZERO homeless tomorrows, and can permanently end their addictive behaviors.

How You Can Help

After years of success partnering with the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle and the Tacoma Rescue Mission, we are in the planning phases of our first major expansion. This will increase our costs, but ultimately lower our cost-per-participant and will help us reach far more of those suffering from addiction than we are currently able to serve.

Your gift is an investment in the long-term growth and efficacy of our existing programs and facilitates the development of similar programs as we undergo our own transformation. We aim to validate and replicate the successes of Climbing Out and Team Mission by partnering with addiction experts and others to radically shift the addiction recovery paradigm.

Investing in Recovery Beyond makes you part of a community dedicated to fostering real change, growth, and healing for those from all walks of life who suffer from addiction. You will see measurable success at rates far higher than that of traditional recovery and rehabilitation programs, and will know that your funding is being put to the best possible use.

You may also be interested in joining our Fundraising Climb to experience the life-changing impact of our program yourself, make a donation here, or contact us any time to learn more about our current programs, our planned expansion, and becoming an investor in the perspective that propels us to change our community for the better.

Adding Lifestyle & Community Skills For Lasting Recovery

Our volunteer-driven model works in partnership with current addiction treatment programs to provide the two additional critical success factors for long term sobriety: 1) A new, enduring lifestyle of healthy behaviors and activity; and 2) A long term community filled with positive relationships and support.