Program Spotlights

National Volunteer Month

In honor of National Volunteer Month, Recovery Beyond would like to recognize our hard-working, dedicated volunteers. From our six super volunteers, McKenzie Johnson, John Colver, Becky Vinson, Scott Sowle, Alison Powell, and Stephen Stanford, to our current group of growing volunteers, we appreciate you and everything you do. Without our volunteers, this organization would cease to exist. At the heart of any nonprofit are its passionate volunteers; individuals who carry out the work that needs to be done to meet the mission and vision of the organization. Recovery Beyond’s goal is to build “healthy lifestyles for lasting recovery”. Our model depends on people helping people. We simply could not do this work with our staff alone.

Healthy Lifestyles start with healthy relationships. There is a certain connection that happens when people come together with common interests, when they strike up a conversation, and when they discover that they share similar past experiences, challenges, and dreams. Because of these important connections, we have been seeing higher success rates with our program than any other treatment program. Our volunteers have stated that they receive as much from the interaction with the program participants as the program participants receive from the volunteers. It’s a beautiful story, really. Often the volunteer-participant relationship grows into a friendship, which then grows into a support system. There is mutual giving, sharing, and commitment to long-term sobriety and health. It’s real and it’s good for all of us.

Recovery Beyond has an impressive support network comprised of individuals from all walks of life, with different stories, experiences, and backgrounds, but with one similar goal: to be a positive support for our program participants. We are building a program that works and we are doing it with the help of our community – our volunteers.

Thank you to every volunteer, in every capacity, for everything you do. We appreciate your time, your dedication, your expertise, your experience, and your passion. You make a difference and this month, we celebrate and honor you.

Interested in being part of our positive, growing community to help those in recovery? Please check out our range of volunteer positions below. We’re excited to have you join us!