Program Spotlights

Reaching The Summit – 2018

This past week the second of two teams reached the summit of Mt. Ranier bringing to a close another successful year of climbs for Recovery Beyond and the Climbing Out program. The energy and effort that was put into this program as a team (donors, volunteers, climbers, staff, and others who supported our efforts), is most reflected in this capstone climb. Thank you for your involvement and congrats to our collective success.

Watching someone in our climb program move from being disconnected from community and struggling with a low-view of themselves, to standing on top of the highest peak in Washington, connected and beaming with confidence, is why we do this work. Sarah Farrens, a 2018 recovery climber, shared this sentiment and her experience at Camp Muir this past week.

Without the commitment and dedication of the entire team, what we accomplished could not have been possible. The board, the staff, the donors, the many volunteers, and the miraculous dedication of our recovery climbers, together allows for this collective success. So again, thank you!

We had 100{637c4c527fde39f83a380e19107d2ba88ad72607f37ccf8f8b7edeff1c20688c} summits for recovery climbers, all injury free, and a monumental achievement in our climbers lives, the community, and this program’s history.  Here are a few more details surrounding our capstone climb.

2018 Rainier Climb Stats:

  • 8 recovery climbers summited Mt. Rainier (4 women, 4 men) – all indicated when asked that this was a top accomplishment in their life
  • 23 total RBP climbers (including guides) to the summit
  • 45 volunteers helped with guiding, basecamp support, portering, celebration picnics, trip briefings and more

Take a look at these stunning photos showcasing this year’s climb.

Tacoma Team on the Paradise Steps before their hike to Camp Muir, Paradise, WA
photo courtesy: Greg Balkin

Seattle Team having dinner at Camp Muir

McKenzie Johnson Crossing onto the Emmons Shoulder at Dawn
photo courtesy: John Colver

Little Tahoma, Near High Break, Emmons Glacier – 13,500′
photo courtesy: Greg Balkin

Ladder Crossing, Near High Break, Emmons Glacier, 13,500ft
photo courtesy: Greg Balkin

Peering into a Crevasse, the Emmons Shoulder, near 13,200′
photo courtesy: Greg Balkin

photo courtesy: Greg Balkin

Seattle Team Packed Up, Leaving Camp Muir

Watermelon Tradition! – Watermelon Break at Pebble Creek before final decent to Paradise.
photo courtesy: Scott Brown

Tacoma Team Picnic at Paradise, WA

Seattle Team Picnic at Paradise, WA, our tradition of cutting the “mountain cake” with the ice axe!