Seminar Series


Due to COVID-19, all regular program activities have been cancelled.

Currently, Recovery Beyond is holding weekly Virtual Workouts and Hangouts. If you wish to be a part of these virtual events, please contact our Senior Program Manager, Jess Villarreal by email at [email protected].

Thank you, stay safe, and have a wonderful day!


About The Seminar

Have you ever thought you were being clear in a conversation only to end things with anger and misunderstanding? Do emotional confrontations cause you to avoid having the conversations you need to have? Not everyone can be an expert in communication, but everyone can be effective and influential by using some strategic tools. Whether you’re dealing with a team at work or a teen at home, you can be confident and calm in all your interactions.

This workshop will focus on elements of communication that can minimize misunderstandings and encourage individuals to speak truth with respect and confidence. We will also discuss the importance of living in a healthy balance of intentional recovery and stress so that we can lead well and have conversations that result in action and understanding.

This workshop helps participants:

  • Identify common communication missteps that lead to misunderstanding.
  • Use practical tools to have difficult conversations.
  • Understand how to speak clearly, honestly, and respectfully.
  • Examine life patterns at home and at work that may be unhealthy.
  • Incorporate proactive habits to sustain us during times of stress.

About The Facilitator

Jenni Butz uses the power of words to help people learn, grow, and give money in ways that matter. A former high school French and English teacher, Jenni realized that the only thing that could make teaching even better would be if she had a microphone, so she started her own business and now facilitates and educates as an MC, auctioneer, and keynote speaker. She is passionate about sharing information, connecting people, and helping others grow through effective communication and has shared her insights in a variety of groups like Starbucks, the Washington Association of Counties, and many nonprofit and faith-based groups in the United States and Europe. 

Jenni has written several books that are available on Amazon and enjoys balancing the extroversion of public speaking with the honed detail work of proofreading manuscripts.