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  • Donor Impact

    Give BIG: Everyone Has A Mountain.

    For GiveBIG this year, we are asking for your help.

    The need for more recovery programs is greater than ever. Substance use is a major, ongoing, and growing concern in our families, social circles, and communities. The opioid epidemic is not getting any smaller. Other substance use is rampant. Addiction is a disease and we need more options to fight it.

    Recovery Beyond offers a unique approach to recovery, going beyond the norm. Through mountaineering, exercise programs, hiking, backpacking, mentoring, and community support, Recovery Beyond offers a one-of-a-kind approach to recovery that is tailored toward the interests of our participants.

    We help our program participants climb mountains both physically and metaphorically.

    Sustained recovery through healthy lifestyles IS possible and IS what we do best. What we are doing is working and we see the need to continue growing.

    Over 85% of our program participants have successfully achieved sobriety in a lasting and meaningful way over the past three years.

    That is an incredible success rate and we want to continue to increase that rate by supporting the needs of our participants and community.

    We are a solution. We provide a newfound sense of purpose and direction in life for our program participants. We build skills, confidence, endurance, and teamwork. Recovery Beyond is a positive community, a place where the human spirit is inspired, and the soul restored.

    We need your help, though. Please consider a gift to Recovery Beyond for GiveBIG this year.

    Your donation will help build, support, and expand our programs and services, as well as complement the efforts of established recovery programs (such as The Seattle Union Gospel Mission and The Tacoma Rescue Mission). GiveBIG 2019 is a twenty-four hour online giving event powered by 501 Commons that helps nonprofits raise funds to support their mission. Whether you gift ten dollars or a thousand dollars, every dollar matters in helping us transform lives.

    From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank you for your generosity and support.


    You can also donate directly via our “Donate” button at the top of this page.


  • Program Spotlights

    NOW OPEN! The Recovery Beyond Shop

    “There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.” – Dalai Lama

    So, you love to climb, you love supporting our recovery climbers, and you’re a big fan of the work of Recovery Beyond? Well, now’s your chance to wear that pride with the introduction of our new shop! We just launched a series of products that highlight our new brand and we think you’ll love them!

    The new shop benefits our recovery climbers and our programs. We curated a range of clothing options, a motivational poster, coffee mug, and some great hats for your next climb.

    Check out the store and show your support for Recovery Beyond! We also invite you to tag @recoverybp when sporting your favorite Recovery Beyond logo wear, we’d love to see your new threads.

    Unisex t-shirt in true-royal blue featuring our tagline “Health Lifestyles for Lasting Recovery” on the back and our logo on the front. $30


    15 ounce coffee mug with our climber motif and a wrap of mountains to our Recovery Beyond Logo on the reverse side. $15


    American Apparel T-Shirt with the Mountain emblem on the front. $30

    Unisex beenies in three colors – grey and white (shown) and navy with embroidered Recovery Beyond Logo. $20

    Check out the entire line today!

  • Program Spotlights

    High Trek Adventures Supporting Recovery Beyond

    We’re thrilled, literally and figuratively, to announce that High Trek Adventures is offering a promotional discount for anyone wanting to book an event with the company. Even better, they will be making a 10% donation to Recovery Beyond to support our recovery climbers and program participants.

    If you are looking for a great place to have a team event that is lots of; full of energy and that everyone will love, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. If you have not been to High Trek Adventures, then you are missing a great adventure. Brad Halbach and his team offer an entire adventure park that is great for team building events or just a day of fun.

    Want to know more? Check out this video they created for the promotion.

    Click below to learn more about the promotion details and timing. Don’t miss out on a fantastic team or family event!

  • Donor Impact

    Support Our Fundraising Climbers!

    From May 16-19th this year, a group of 7 supports of Recovery Beyond will embark on a climb of Mount Rainier. These individuals answered a call and challenge put forth by our founder, Mark Ursino over the past several months to dedicate themselves to this climb, and to raising money to support our efforts.

    A big thank you to Abi Brewer, Camiya Brown, Christopher Poulos, Nate Lanting, Scott Brown, Amelia Kaiser, and Becky Vinson for stepping up to this challenge. Their efforts so far have resulted in over 100 individual donors for Recovery Beyond. The funds raised help support our efforts to reach and help even more recovery climbers and to grow our program.

    Please consider making a contribution today to one of these Fundraiser Climbers and learn more about what motivates them on their campaigns. And beyond a donation, please tell your friends and family about this great and worthy cause. It’s our community of compassion that makes the difference every day and we are thankful for your spirit and action.

    Here are some of the comments we’ve received from donors to the Fundraising Climb.

    “Our daughter Amelia Kaiser volunteers with this amazing program. The stories of her time with Recovery Beyond have inspired us to support this wonderful group of people! We pray for all involved and encourage you to keep up the good work of changing lives for the better! God bless you!!!” – Elaine Klein

    Visit Amelia’s Fundraising Page

    “Recovery tools and creating a pathway to feeedom is important and crucial for the success of people. Thank you Christopher for making this fundraiser and bringing hope into the community.” – Carolina Landa

    Visit Christopher’s Fundraising Page

    “Scott Brown is someone who encourages all the program climbers. A joy to be around – glad to help!” – Price Taylor

    Visit Scott’s Fundraising Page

    “Go get it girl!” – Cheryl Ann

    Visit Camiya’s Fundraising Page

    “If anyone deserves to stand on that summit, YOU do!! It felt wrong for me to get to the summit last year while you didn’t. I am so proud of your tenacity and courage and I’m more than happy to help donate for your fund-raising climb in 2019. Godspeed, friend!” – Michele Arnold

    Visit Abi’s Fundraising Page


    Visit Matthew’s Fundraising Page

    If you are interested in joining them, it may not be too late, but time is running out. Email Gina Haines at [email protected] for more information. Let’s celebrate their awesome commitment to a healthy lifestyle and supporting others in achieving it.


  • Program Spotlights

    National Volunteer Month

    In honor of National Volunteer Month, Recovery Beyond would like to recognize our hard-working, dedicated volunteers. From our six super volunteers, McKenzie Johnson, John Colver, Becky Vinson, Scott Sowle, Alison Powell, and Stephen Stanford, to our current group of growing volunteers, we appreciate you and everything you do. Without our volunteers, this organization would cease to exist. At the heart of any nonprofit are its passionate volunteers; individuals who carry out the work that needs to be done to meet the mission and vision of the organization. Recovery Beyond’s goal is to build “healthy lifestyles for lasting recovery”. Our model depends on people helping people. We simply could not do this work with our staff alone.

    Healthy Lifestyles start with healthy relationships. There is a certain connection that happens when people come together with common interests, when they strike up a conversation, and when they discover that they share similar past experiences, challenges, and dreams. Because of these important connections, we have been seeing higher success rates with our program than any other treatment program. Our volunteers have stated that they receive as much from the interaction with the program participants as the program participants receive from the volunteers. It’s a beautiful story, really. Often the volunteer-participant relationship grows into a friendship, which then grows into a support system. There is mutual giving, sharing, and commitment to long-term sobriety and health. It’s real and it’s good for all of us.

    Recovery Beyond has an impressive support network comprised of individuals from all walks of life, with different stories, experiences, and backgrounds, but with one similar goal: to be a positive support for our program participants. We are building a program that works and we are doing it with the help of our community – our volunteers.

    Thank you to every volunteer, in every capacity, for everything you do. We appreciate your time, your dedication, your expertise, your experience, and your passion. You make a difference and this month, we celebrate and honor you.

    Interested in being part of our positive, growing community to help those in recovery? Please check out our range of volunteer positions below. We’re excited to have you join us!

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